What the Coronovirus is Teaching Me…

IMG_20191201_173155021In these times of uncertainty due to a global pandemic, here is what I am learning:

  1. You can either absorb negativity and project it or exude positivity and accept it
  2. You can either choose to spend time with your kids and consider it a gift or complain about school/daycare closures and consider it a punishment
  3. You can either complain about public places closing or enjoy the company of your family and yourself (where applicable) at home
  4. You can either hoard basic essential materials or help your fellow human being by providing them with what they need to survive this crises
  5. You can either spread fake news, bad news or fear-mongering information or you can preach peace through sharing strategies, ideas, suggestions and hope
  6. You can either be thoroughly fearful or unapologetically faithful
  7. You can choose to wallow in anxiety-inducing thoughts or focus your mind on what you can accomplish in this time of “mandated vacation time”
  8. You can be completely distracted by how much you cannot do or choose to catch up on everything you needed to do for a long time (sorting your photos, backing up your computer, cleaning the basement/attic, crafting, sewing, knitting, finishing that book you want to write or song you wanted to record)
  9. You can choose to sob with sorrowful meditation or sing praises aloud at the top of your lungs
  10. You can make this a traumatic event for your children or a memorable time of dancing and celebrating life while we have it

In the end, it’s your perspective that determines your attitude in this time of uncertain crisis. It’s your attitude that determines your altitude. Bloom where you are planted and remember that there is a blessing in every delay and in every catastrophe.

This is a time of choice. Make the right one.




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  1. Engy
    Mar 16, 2020 @ 11:42:47

    Totally agree. And it applies to every situation we have been through. There is always a good side, but we need to be able to see it.


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