ImageMy heart can’t stand it. Really. Both my babies are growing up too fast! Where is the pause button??

I  was blessed with a second child in September 2014 and now she is 9 months old!! What? Why do I keep blinking. 

I am trying to enjoy every second I have with my daughters but its hard sometimes because life gets in the way. I couldn’t even blog for the longest time and I used to write religiously. However, one must remember to take one day at a time and so I am taking this time (while the baby naps and the toddler is at daycare) to write down some random thoughts I have as a mommy while chilling…

Have I fed the Baby today? Why are there always bottles in the sink? She is like a black hole!

Why do I feel like like my right shoulder is going to fall off? Oh yeah, it was because it took the baby 20 million hours to burp last night at 4 am. Why does it take so long to burp anyway, their windpipe is like an inch long… how hard is it to expel gas out of their tiny little mouth- seriously? I love it when there is a bit of food expelled with the burp too… I like to think of them as colourful burps!

Oh wait, have I gone for that oil change yet? Who is calling now…Hello? Hi. No, I don’t want my ducts cleaned. No my furnace is fine. No I am not interested in Avon. Why do you people keep calling right when the baby falls asleep…

Did I already shower for the day? I have spit-up on my shirt but hair smells clean. Oh yeah, I did but it was interrupted a couple of times. Those darn duct cleaning companies!

I need a new laptop. I can’t wait until I get the one the hubby ordered online for me. I wanted orange but it will be black. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

I smell bacon. No wait, its just old spit-up. I need to put some make-up on and get dressed. I look like a wreck. Yup, I think that blouse hides the kangaroo pouch nicely- ooowwww, my shoulder!

Oh, baby is up. Ok. Hi hunny. Hi baby. Oh my God… why is your neck red? Are you having allergies? Is it a tumour? Oh God, oh God… wait… you are just hot. You insist on this blankie but it makes you sweat. Ok sweetie pie, time to change your diaper- OH IN THE NAME THAT IS GOOD- how can such a little thing produce such a horrendous mess!! What the heck does your momma feed you? Oh wait… 

Ok. Let’s pack your bag because we need to be out the door in 10 minutes. 

96 minutes later... I think I got everything in the car. Packed and loaded diaper bag… check! Toys…check! Formula, baby food, bottles… check! My purse and license (aha, I did remember this time ha ha)…check!

Pull out of driveway. Check rear-view mirrors… WAIT.. where is the baby???

Oops. In the house by the door. She is cooing and sucking on the middle toe of her left foot. Everything is under control.

Noting is in control.

That is exactly how it is supposed to be.

I love being a mom. Really.



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