PLEASE… Bring back the nausea!

I thought the nausea was bad now I have been attacked by Sciatic nerve pain that is unbearable. Wow. I can’t sit, I can’t stand, I can’t walk, I can’t lie down without horrible shooting pain from the sole of my feet to the tip of my skull.

It is so painful that I really can’t enjoy anything. Laughing makes it hurt and I am unable to bend down and hug my toddler. What is this?

As for my cute little toddler- she is finally sleeping in her big girl bed. She loves her room and now we are transitioning everything over there so that she doesn’t freak out when the baby takes over her old nursery. Hopefully she will understand the concept of “Big Girl” vs. baby in a month or so.

Next Stop… Potty Training

Hope she’s not a party pooper… I will keep you posted!


Until then,



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