I’m like a bird…

Nesting? What is that???

Are the twigs and twine symbolic of the baby swing I just painstakingly (operative word “PAIN”) assembled in the time it took my hubby to install a new ceiling fan?
Is nesting the feeling you get when you are on maternity leave and are just bored to death with waiting for the unborn child? Or is it the near burning desire to accomplish, complete and purchase everything on the packing list of the hospital bag that has been packed now for a week and a half?

Nesting is a phenomenon that is a sure sign that a mother is soon to birth a child. Like the basketball shaped belly and swollen body parts weren’t proof enough. This emotional obsession is the cherry on top or another reassuring sign that truly- labour is approaching.
Yay? I think.

Truth is, between re-packing my bag, doubting whether I have enough onesies and watching my belly button ever so slightly invert, I am truly ready to get on with it. I think that was the wisdom in the creation of this process itself. Have the woman wait that extra two weeks so that when it is time to deliver and insane amount of pain, she will basically say “Who cares- let’s just get this done and over with!”

At this point, I am finding it hard to stand back up after sitting but sitting too long hurts my back. I am also finding it hard to walk around with the persistent weight at the bottom of my belly. It feels like a rock has sunk to the bottom of my stomach and won’t let me manoeuvre the rest of my body in order to function normally. I walk like I have something between my legs and only God knows how peeing at night has become an almost urgent need. I feel like if I hold it, I will be explode- literally and suddenly.

I am also quite emotional. I feel lonely and content at the same time. I also feel angry then I laugh hysterically almost simultaneously. I am weirding myself out. I was asked if I am carrying twins today and I was almost in tears. On a side note, why do people think it is ok to tell a pregnant woman that she is huge or swollen or ask if she is carrying twins. It is not only inappropriate, rude and offensive- it is also absolutely unacceptable in ANY context! I don’t care if you are my mother- tell me I am beautiful because after all, I am carrying a full grown baby at 9 months so please- give me a break! I was almost in tears today because of the comments I was getting.

So there could be a plausible other use for the phenomenon of nesting… it gives women late in their pregnancies an escape or excuse to avoid all contact with the outside world to avoid the comments that they may receive on their swollen parts and super-size tummies.
I am just saying. Nesting is fun. It provides me with a real connection with my baby to be because it is a constant reminder that I am preparing for a new life in my little family. Nesting also provides me the opportunity to purchase small, silly things that make the wait a little sweeter. Nesting built the swing we bought. So whatever the definition or root cause is, it is a nice feeling. A positive one.

Now I need to go and repack my hospital bag. I think I need more pillows!


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