Finally, some semblance of a routine. I’m not sure if it is a good routine or not but it is consistent which is good enough for me. My baby is now 9 weeks old and she has finally decided to sleep 6 hours in a row at night. She didn’t get there on her own and it wasn’t easy but she did it! We were wondering why she is eating double the normal amount in the evenings then we realized- she needs it to hibernate through the night and who are we to stop her? She is also napping 2-3 times during the day and when she isn’t napping, she is usually cooing, kickboxing with little limbs and fists on her back or crying because she is: hungry/tired/bored/sad/lonely cranky/wet.
I learned to figure out when she is hungry but not- like people and forums say- because of her cry. She usually puts her fist in her mouth and tries to find a few fingers to suck on while crying. She also turns her head from side to side with mouth agape hoping to find a nipple somewhere that will produce milk. It is actually quite comical and obvious that she is hungry.
It doesn’t make me a bad mom that I can’t tell most of her cries apart. After all, they all sound really similar (like a kitten who is in pain) and they are all for a purpose. So my husband and I will just go through the checklist: Gas? Diaper wet or dirty? Eyes red? etc. Once the root cause of the weeping is determined, we resolve the problem and respond to the need quickly and efficiently. So it is all like a well-oiled machine now… finally.
But I have noticed the house is less clean than before the arrival of our little angel. There are burp cloths, half-finished bottles, bibs, diapers and blankets everywhere. She has managed to take over the entire 4 bedroom house. Her things are everywhere and now I know that it is quite impossible to keep the house in the pristine condition it used to be in prior to baby.
Also-Time. Where does it go? She is already 9 weeks and I miss her newborn-ness. Also, it took me almost 6.5 hours to write this blog because she needed my attention every 15-20 minutes. And why does it seem like it is taking TOO MUCH time when she is feeding at 6 am? It is all relative- I guess.
Here is another random thought- I have new-skinny-mom-body-envy. I am skinnier than some new moms I see but hey, I noticed that there is a substantial number of women out there who have babies younger than mine and look better than I ever looked. What’s up with that? It’s hard enough feeling frumpy as a result of the lack of time aforementioned and smell like Eau De Spit Up all the time… why do I have to keep seeing women who look fabulous post-partum? That’s it… I’m quitting Mommy and Baby Yoga- the aggravation is just not worth it. I need to obsess about healthier things like perfecting the art of a 10 minute feeding to maximize on sleep!
Last but not least, it is just about that time for my little baby to be transitioned to her crib. What- you say- you haven’t done that yet? Nope. I did not. I have a variety of good reasons and they are all valid. First of all, it would be more work for me to get up when and if she gets up during the night. Second of all, my baby is the notorious S.P.I.T up. I often hear her almost choking on the liquid as it comes back the wrong way up her esophagus. I promptly hold her upright to prevent choking then gently lure back to sleep with a pacifier. Thirdly, she is sleeping in a bassinet next to my bed not IN my bed which is the same thing as her sleeping in a crib in her room. Lastly, I put her to sleep in the bassinet while she is still awake so she doesn’t get used to sleeping on my chest or in my arms (ok, I do that last thing only 20% of the time which is still good!!).
In the end, we are thriving and I am getting some sleep and she is healthy and my family unit is whole. I am learning something new every day and I am loving the adventure of motherhood. I will actually consider having another one of these little beings a bit later in the future but for now I will take a nap beside my little angel because she decided that she is done eating/playing/farting/crying/pooing/peeing smiling… finally.

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